With Pixel 3a, Power of Google now fits the mid-budget segment: All You need to know

Having introduced Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3XL flagships, it has now been a while since their budget variants also became available to purchase. Both Google Pixel 3a and Google Pixel 3a XL were introduced by the company with an emphasis on their price worthiness. Primarily, their price difference from their flagship counterparts was spoken about. Secondly, it was mentioned how good their camera compares to IPhone X. We got a hands-on experience of Google Pixel 3a, and here is the full review. 

Google Pixel 3a Design and Display 

Aesthetically, Google Pixel 3a looks similar to Google Pixel 3. Even though Pixel 3a is all plastic compared to all glass body of Google Pixel 3, Google efforts to make it look like its big brother is praiseworthy. The 3.5mm headphone jack is still there. The bezel is definitely thicker, both on the horizontal and the vertical. For display, we have a 5.6inch 1080p OLED but viewing in daylight can be tough. There is no such problem in indoor lighting however. Sometimes you may also notice colour shifts on the display. 

Google Pixel 3a Performance and Specification 

The processor offered here is Snapdragon 670 with 4Gigabytes of RAM. The phone felt fine for doing daily chores like web browsing, video streaming, and lightweight gaming. The device was smooth in performance but not enough to beat Pixel 3. Putting that aside the phone seemed to work fine. The price cut obviously came from not having water resistance or wireless charging support and a budget chipset. The storage on this device is of 64GB. 

GooglePixel 3a Camera performance 

Camera Performance actually felt better than other smartphones in the market including iPhone X. Google didn’t make any compromises with their 12.2 MP camera with dual pixel phase detection. The camera setup on the device is exactly as Google Pixel 3. Optical Image Stabilization is also there to assist with the video recording on the device. 

Shots on the Pixel 3a had great details with very high dynamic range. Which exactly what the device was boasting of, and which was well delivered as well. The low light shots in the night were also amazing all thanks to their Night Vision support. There is no dedicated image processing chip as Pixel 3 however. Which doesn’t affect the image quality but increases the processing time after taking the shot. Its 8MP selfie shooter was also amazing, sharp and with nice contrast and great details. 

Google Pixel 3a Battery and Connectivity 

The Google Pixel 3a’s 3000 mAh battery with fast charging was also amazing. Which may not look anything great. But having a 1080p display with lower power internals keep the device going. We have been getting 4+ hours Screen on time which is actually impressive. 

Final Verdict 

As it is evident that Google is now heading for mid-budget smartphones as well. Google Pixel 3a is an impressive offer, the camera and battery life are amazing. Google Pixel 3a’s overall performance is smooth. If you like photography than perhaps you should give it a green flag. If you are into intensive gaming there are plenty of other options like Asus Zenfone 6, Oneplus7 and Oneplus6T to choose from. But frankly speaking, having a pixel from Google at this price point and quality should be liked by everyone.