Upcoming Foldable Phones

Upcoming Foldable Smartphone in 2019

The year 2019 is going to be the year of foldable smartphones. Many smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Oppo and Xiaomi are working on foldable smartphones. These smartphones bear a flexible display, which can be folded into a compact device.  We can say, it’s a combo package of Tablets and Mobiles.

Let us take a look at some of the upcoming devices with foldable screens.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone:

Samsung foldable smartphone was announced in November 2018 at its annual developer conference. As per the sources, Samsung might launch a foldable phone, which is likely to be called Samsung Galaxy F or Galaxy X. The launch is expected to be on February 20’2019 in San Francisco.

These foldable smartphones come with Infinity Flex display, and screen is made of elastic OLED panel. The panel has 7.3-inch screen size, with 2152 x 1536 pixels screen resolution when unfolded. Once you fold it, the phone will have a 4.9-inch display with a screen resolution of 1960 x 840 pixels. The phone will be powered by Snapdragon 855 processor with a 1TB Storage.

Samsung foldable smartphone will have 12MP + 8MP dual rear cameras. These mobiles will run on OneUI, and it will support 5G technology. As per the sources, this smartphone comes with a starting price of Rs 1,30,000.

LG Foldable Smartphone

LG is also planning to launch its foldable smartphone this year. As per the new patent filed in November 2018, these devices come with a hinge, which will use outward folding mechanism. The device will act as a dual screen phone when folded. However, there is no information as yet about the release date and the pricing of LG foldable smartphones.

Motorola Foldable Smartphone

Motorola is yet another major brand, that might introduce a foldable smartphone this year, which would be sold exclusively by Verizon Wireless. The phone would use the Motorola RAZR branding, which was a very popular flip phone range around 2005-2006. These new Motorola RAZR smartphones will be priced at around Rs 1,04,300. Hopefully, Motorola will announce its first foldable smartphone at MWC  2019.

We found in Motorola’s recent patent that this foldable smartphone comes with flexible display. The patent also reveals that, the smartphone will have 7-inch screen, and it could be used as a tablet when unfolded. This device will have two cameras, and three hinges at the top, middle and bottom. The Motorola foldable smartphone will have two displays- A primary display, and a secondary display situated at the top half, which could be used to show notifications.

Oppo Foldable Smartphone

Oppo is also working on foldable smartphones, recently they filed patent at Chinese patent office. Oppo might announce its foldable smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2019. These smartphones will have flexible display, which works as a tablet when unfolded, and as a compact smartphone when folded. Unfortunately, this is all we have on Oppo foldable smartphones.

Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone

Xiaomi is also planning to launch foldable smartphone this year. As per the leaked video on Weibo, posted by Xiaomi co-founder and President Lin Bin, the company is working on foldable mobiles. The folding smartphone will be named as Xiaomi Mix Flex. The video hints that Xiaomi’s device will be a double-folding smartphone.

The video reveals the prototype of this foldable smartphone will fold from top and bottom side, and transform it from a tablet to compact smartphone. However there is no information about more details, pricing and launch date.