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Google Home: Why voice-command devices are so popular in India

Google Home is a smart speaker developed by Google. The devices allow users to use Google Assistant, the company’s virtual assistant, to speak voice commands to interact with services. Both in-house and third-party services are incorporated, enabling users to listen to music, control video or photo playback, or receive updates completely through voice commands. Nearly 18% of Indians use a voice assistant speaker and 35% use smart home devices such as internet-connected home audio systems.

Google Home Usage:

The Google Home works as a Wi-Fi speaker, smartphone control center, and a personal assistant. It can be used to play music and videos, and answer questions that you normally search on Google. It also helps to manage your calendar.

The Google Home transforms your home into a smart home. Google Home devices also have integrated home automation assistance, allowing customers to use their voice to control smart home appliances. Additional functionality has been added over a period of time through software updates to Google Home devices and Google Assistant. Once Google Home is connected with your devices, you can turn them off and on, dim them, set room temperature, and close or open your curtains. 

Google Home Price:

Google Home is priced at Rs. 7,999 and is available for sale on Flipkart, Amazon, and Paytm Mall. The price does not include the cost of smart accessories.

Buy Google Home at Rs 7,999

Google Home Features:

The main Google Home device is a 5.62-inch large cylindrical speaker with a diameter of 3.79 inches. The device’s top surface exhibits colored status LEDs, capacitive touch controls for starting and stopping music, and volume adjustment. The bottom of the device is coated by a shell that acts as a speaker grille, and can be customized as per the room’s decor.

Google Home comes with dual mics, which enable the device to listen and record the commands given by you. The pair of mic has an outstanding ability to filter out background noise, and focus on the voice command giving by the person. The built-in speaker features dual-sided passive radiators, which provide high quality audio. Users can connect an additional speaker with the help of Google Home.

Google Home Connectivity:

Google Home incorporates various types of in-house and third-party services, enabling customers to talk voice instructions to regulate communication with them. The Google Home must be connected to a Wi-FI for it to function. Thanks to this feature, it can play music directly from the cloud without storing media locally.


Is Google Home better than its competitors?

Out of several smart technologies available such as Amazon Alexa and others, Google Home is considered the smarter one in a lot of aspects. Unlike others, it has the unique ability to understand the context of the conversation. It anticipates and efficiently deals with your follow up questions, without requiring too many clarifications on the matter.

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